Infinite Green Partners with Artificial Solutions

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Infinite Green Partners with Artificial Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience Strategies with Differentiated Artificial Intelligence Powered Self-Service Solutions

Infinite Green a global consulting firm specializing in customer experience design, development, and operations announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have meaningful, humanlike interactions with technology across channels of service.

This partnership will allow Infinite Green to add conversational solutions to their portfolio of services and amplifies Artificial Solutions’ presence in the U.S. market.

“Every customer should expect and receive excellent service, regardless of the technology they are using or the channel they choose to interact with companies. We help companies understand that an interaction with a customer is an opportunity to reinforce brand messages, drive revenue and loyalty, and prove the importance of creating great, consistent customer experiences for their clients,” says Jon Blum, Chief Illuminator and co-founder of Infinite Green.

This vision fits perfectly with Artificial Solutions proposition for the market, Teneo®, a platform that allows companies to develop conversational solutions that can be used to provide omnichannel and highly personalize customer experiences.

“Solutions built with Teneo® deliver the intelligent, personalized user experiences their clients want today, and the natural language capabilities to grow the Artificial Intelligence enabled experiences that will be demanded in the future,” Andy Peart, Chief Strategy Officer of Artificial Solutions. “Together with Infinite Green we look forward to helping companies wow their customers with humanlike intelligent conversations while getting instant actionable data that can help shape future products and services”.

AI is quickly becoming part of our everyday lives, hence it makes sense that companies use it to deliver great customer experience too. But the practical applications and where they fit within great experience design can be challenging for companies to deliver. Implementing AI powered self-service solutions can be the first step of the journey towards digital transformation for companies that want to remain competitive yet are not ready to completely change their structure. Teneo®, allows enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language applications in 35 languages, running over any OS, on any device, in record time and without the need for specialist linguistic skills.

The Teneo® platform clearly focuses on the conversational language as the key starting point, rather than how well each use-case process can answer singular questions. The interface and ease of building from there is where this truly gets exciting. This is the difference that Infinite Green sees as a game changer.

“We all know what the robotic voices of a phone menu sound like, but functionally where they typically fail is at the basic levels. Artificial Solutions has given us new energy around existing client projects and also those who needed to wait until their foundations were more established before introducing these types of applications,” says Blum “In a sense, we can help companies do business faster, and at a steeper trajectory towards customer experience excellence too.”

About Artificial Solutions:

Artificial Solutions® is the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI), a form of Artificial Intelligence that allows people to converse with applications, websites and devices in free-format, natural language, using speech, text, touch or gesture.

Its enterprise-strength, conversational AI platform, Teneo®, allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating humanlike NLI applications that run across 35 languages, multiple platforms and channels, all in record time without the need for specialist linguistic skills.

Artificial Solutions’ NLI technology makes it easy for enterprises to benefit from a wide range of natural language applications such as virtual assistants, conversational UIs and data insights. Its technology is deployed by hundreds of public and private sector organizations and used by millions of people. For more information visit

About Infinite Green:

Infinite Green Consulting Inc. is an experience design and development firm headquartered in Minneapolis Minnesota, with additional offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver, and London England. Infinite Green specializes in customer-facing experience optimization, technologies that support better employee and customer experiences, Omni-channel acceleration, and the skilled resources to drive operational sustainability.

Infinite Green has driven successful engagements to over 125 clients since 2009 and has returned over $5B US in value via increased revenue, measurable loyalty improvement and cost containment solutions during that time period. For more information go to