Contact Center Transformation

A Case Study

The Business Challenge

Our client, a leading provider of wholesale, retail, and custom jewelry, was looking to update and redefine their customer experience while matching technology and end-to-end process design.  Key areas of focus were:

  • Contact center operations and other client-facing functions
  • Customer insights
  • Reporting /analytics
  • Technology/business capabilities


Infinite Green completed workshops with stakeholders to define and align on key experience attributes.

A 3-year roadmap was developed with a staged and sequenced plan encompassing people, process, technology, and the right set of operational metrics.  This accelerated the company’s ability to operationalize an enterprise-wide journey around significant revenue growth, operational effectiveness, and foundational changes to the way they do business in alignment with their desired customer experience strategy.

  • Voice of the Internal Customer
  • Delivery, Facilitation
  • Focus Groups
  • Journey Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • Employee Survey
  • Service Design
  • Customer Centric Portals
  • FAQ


We provided organizational design and phone system design recommendations that centralized operations support and allowed the customer to reach the right advisor at the right time, every time.

  • Through centralizing contact center functions, the client provided a more streamlined customer experience.  Contact center utilization improved by 30% while also increasing NPS.
  • Chat was implemented as a new customer-facing channel, receiving over 14,000 chat interactions annually.
  • An Expert Bar was introduced for high-level support opportunities to achieve higher energy and teamwork, promote transparency, and enable proximity learning.