Scott McIntyre

Chief Instigator & Co-Founder

helping companies execute great customer experiences

As Co-Founder of Infinite Green, I have a passion for helping companies execute great customer experiences and finding business value in the process. Most companies know what they want their customer experience to feel like, they just need some help building the right operational ecosystem to execute and manage them. Over 27 years in the industry, I have learned a thing or two of what works and what doesn’t and try to apply that wisdom in every project I am part of.

Away from work I am either cooking something new, watching a cooking show, or reading something about cooking and of course having a glass of wine at the same time. Ask me about new immersion circulator!

I love brands that have an absolute focus on the customer experience. Just look at the NPS scores of USAA and ask yourself how they do that? They have the same cost / revenue pressures of other companies, but they have this non-compromising view of what good looks like and they stay true to it, which results in extremely low turn and increased share of wallet.