Implementing an Omni-Channel Capability Strategy

A Case Study

The Business Challenge

Our client, a global medical device company, wanted an assessment of their current contact center capabilities and customer experience as well as recommendations to enhance service delivery, improve self service and automation rates, and transition contact center infrastructure to cloud services.


Infinite Green approached the work by conducting an inventory of all the technology and business processes that impacted the customer, and journey mapped the end-to-end customer experience, inclusive of VoC data.

We compared the results to industry best practices and metrics as well as broader digital experiences in the marketplace to identify sustainable solutions and  achievable timelines co-created with the key stakeholders.

  • Voice of the Internal Customer
  • Delivery, Facilitation
  • Focus Groups
  • Journey Mapping
  • Trend Analysis
  • Employee Survey
  • Service Design
  • Customer Centric Portals
  • FAQ

The Outcome

Infinite Green helped the company create and execute a roadmap to enhance their digital self service and automation capabilities, improving efficiency of service, whilst reducing administrative process risks.

  • Reductions in cost per patient by 23% in the first year and reduction in overall cost to manage the contact center infrastructure
  • Improvements in NPS scores by 8 points over baseline