Enhancing key interactions at every level

Consumer Products / B2B

For Consumer Product companies whose primary customers are other businesses, relationships matter!

Infinite Green understands that building stronger connections with your customer base requires unique solutions that allow your teams to focus on the interaction touchpoints that drive loyalty and market share. From light CRM solutions to advanced digital capabilities, we work with you to enhance your key interactions at every level with nimble and flexible process and technology solutions.

Improved customer experience by operational excellence

Financial Services

Banks and other financial services companies typically organize across many different product lines which can cause disjointed and challenging experiences.  This often results in settling with a model that requires customers to be transferred multiple times to reach their desired destination and inconsistency across key touchpoints in the customer’s journey.

Infinite Green partners with you to design a simpler customer experience and reduce customer effort while maximizing the performance and effectiveness of the operational teams.

Accelerating your customer centric goals


So is it lack of consumer choice, complex red tape processes, the ever changing laws and regulations, or a combination of all of the above that inform our perspectives on interacting with government agencies?

Infinite Green understands the unique position / constraints that are put upon customer-facing operators and has the experienced talent, solutions, and unique change management methodology to help accelerate your goals.

Designing great end to end patient experience solutions


Designing great end-to-end patient experience solutions in the healthcare space can be a daunting activity. Between all the laws, regulations, and the constant push and pull of who owns the patient experience between care giver, insurance company, and provider, it’s not surprising that customers are confused and need to focus on their health more than figuring out who to talk to. Most often, we find that companies in this space can make some easy changes, like using language that the patient can understand vs. industry jargon.

Demonstrate the value of great customer experiences


There is simply no better industry that demonstrates the value of great customer experiences like hospitality. Highly accessible channels, differentiated service models, and commitment to guest satisfaction and loyalty can make or break a company’s performance and even existence.

Infinite Green has transformed global brands with unique and custom solutions that drive execution from a strategic level all the way through to the guest-facing employee.

Consistent experience across all channels

Retail / E-Tail

The need for retail businesses to remain nimble and ahead of customer needs is particularly prevalent in today’s economy.  We have been involved in retail operations throughout its evolution from traditional brick & mortar locations and have a strong passion for this vertical.

With the primary brand exposure coming from digital channels instead of a physical location or face-to-face interactions, companies are challenged with providing a seamless end-to-end customer experience across their many service offerings and touchpoints.

On-demand availability


There is no denying it, companies like Amazon and Uber are changing the way customers consume services. They have been trained to expect on-demand availability and companies are trying to keep up with this new service model.

That’s where Infinite Green can help. We make sure our clients have a clear lens on where their customers want them to go and help clarify “true north” as it relates to their operating model and current situations.

Managing creative solutions


The Software vertical is one of the fastest changing industries we have run across. The shift towards cloud solutions, configurable tools, the introduction of AI, and competition in the market forces software companies to move quickly and add differentiated value to their offerings.

We understand the need for speed and have the right creative solutions, horsepower to get it done, and change management practices to keep you ahead of your competition.

Connecting you to a wider world of opportunity


Technology and Connectivity solutions are evolving fast. Do you need to enhance your existing, or transition your business to faster and more nimble services?

We have consulted and also partner with great technology providers to ensure their solutions match your needs, short and long term. In successfully engaging with the providers and suppliers, we are changing the experience for you and your customers from the inside out and creating better service models for you.

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