Chief Invigorator

Infuses life and passion into business

With over 13 years of leadership experience across food and beverage, retail, hospitality, and entertainment I have enjoyed connecting with each customer market and am passionate about creating unforgettable experiences which sometimes can mean a unique, over the top interaction and other times it simply means making it accessible, quick and easy. There are many opportunities for companies to utilize technology, streamline processes, build cost effective operations and identify solutions to deliver beyond the customer’s expectations. I have developed, created and launched omni-channel teams from the ground up and am energized by the journey of collaboration towards common goals.

Outside of work, my life is filled with many joys being a newlywed and spending time with my family including my nephew and niece in Cali. You can find me traveling, dining al fresco and relishing life through new experiences. When I am home, I find enjoyment in investing, learning about new businesses and money management, then sharing that knowledge with friends and family. I love connecting ideas to people and appreciate the value of strong relationships.

As Chief Invigorator at Infinite Green, it allows me an avenue to bring my energy and talents to different industries and collaborate with more diverse groups of inspiring souls. Together we deliver personalized experiences, build brand trust and simply make it easier for customers to connect and be heard.

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