I have been working with a large healthcare company putting together a strategic contact center investment and three year road map, and the team has been discussing how to frame up the approach. The company historically has managed investments as a bottoms up series of “projects” and the team was inclined to use that same approach for this effort.

For some background, the project is focused on moving the contact center in the following direction:

  • Single channel to multi-channel
  • Homegrown desktop systems to an agent portal (using packaged software)
  • Improved First Call Resolution
  • Reduced transfers
  • Segmented levels of service
  • Reduced contacts per customer / handle time

With the amount of change involved in this project, I suggested we take a different approach that defined the overall goals of the project in a way that will build momentum every stakeholder in the organization can get rallied behind. By defining what the project will deliver for the company, each department, and each individual involved everyone would have a “North Star” that would help guide them in support of the series of projects over multiple years. These simple messages can be woven into executive presentations, status updates, company communications, and in a B to B type company it can even be customer facing.

These statements or messages don’t have to be complex, but should define the essence of the work and has meaning for all stake holders. Some examples that I have been thinking about for this specific client:

  • Good to great! – Preparing for the next wave of growth
  • Customer first – Allowing customers channel of choice
  • Process to profits – Designing a more efficient and effective customer interactions

A good message will help every stakeholder get more emotionally involved in the bigger movement and provide support beyond their current roles and responsibilities and on a great day, these stakeholders will┬ábecome advocates for change. So next time you are framing up a project or initiative in your company, think about how this will impact the company as a whole, all stakeholders, and customers who use your projects and services. Start top down, before thinking bottoms up and think about what ┬áthe “North Star” is. You just might be surprised on how many people start to get on board without being dictated by company priority or leadership decree.

Now, go change something!

Scott McIntyre

Chief Instigator