OUR MISSION – We bring the most effective set of capabilities by understanding your business needs first, maximizing what you have, or implementing new services…
WHO WE SERVE – We serve small to large clients across all industry verticals who need either specific technology project support resources, or to design as far out as a capabilities roadmap or investment strategy
Is your IT aligned with your business to support, enable and deliver your services in the most efficient way?

"Business Accelerated" Platform Design/Optimization

  • Assessment strategy – Core/Optimize/Transform
    • Quick and effective inventory and survey process to determine opportunities across your platform and infrastructure stacks
    • Industry views and existing “Better/Best in Class” designs to leverage for context
    • Roadmap development plans including capabilities, infrastructure, financial and business activity dimensions
      • Generally less than 30 days of activity to get to a comprehensive, staged, and sequenced plan with options
  • Technology Solutions with Business Value – we put value back into IT organizations and connect deeper with business teams
    • Targeted network, application, and infrastructure models for internal and customer facing environments
    • Outside/in working knowledge of how to leverage legacy platforms with newer, more flexible solutions, and how they work together
    • Financial expertise to decouple assets, labor, and systems value related to investment planning (OpEx and CapEx)
    • Unique tools, processes, and workshops to bring business and IT teams together

Technology Leadership Development/Partnership

We provide “look ahead” value, and enable traditional leadership ways to innovate, deliver, and transform organizations to be more in line with the business needs.

Our unique experience offers ways to continue to connect at a deeper level with the business and to create a level of anticipation for greater speed to market solutions.


  • Supporting you as part of the office of the CIO/CTO
  • Assessment of current-state landscape in your organization across People/Process/Technology
  • Development of an aligned IT delivery roadmap against business operation goals
  • Aligned measurement rationale for business growth and operations refinement, creating a sustainable and repeatable change process
  • Performance management experience and plans for internal IT teams

Application Architecture & Development

For businesses considering decreasing their infrastructure footprint or simply looking to demystify the potential benefits of migration, Infinite Green can provide insights and plans to optimize your business.


  • Migrate or Stabilize Technology/Capabilities (legacy/cloud/connectivity)
  • Define the environments/services and functionality required from home-grown legacy systems to a utility-based managed service cloud instances
  • Re-host/Re-factor/Re-place: From reinstalling and virtualizing applications with existing data structures to replacement with modern equivalents
  • Align business capability requirements to solutions complementing existing or enhanced processes
  • Align enterprise customer and internal workflow data structure against desired reporting metrics