Proactivity Around Technology Implementation

People – Process – Technology … there is indeed rationale in the sequence. Some quick thoughts to start the week:

A consistent theme I have been documenting in recent client engagements is readiness within the business for new technology capabilities or end-of-life replacements, whether it be unsuccessful implementations in the past or current projects that have stalled. This readiness can manifest itself differently across diverse environments whether it be through business simplification opportunity, change management, and aligned capability requirements, to name a few. Technology and tools, by themselves, will not address existing issues or opportunities without thoughtful consideration of these and other unique business components as a vital part of an implementation/deployment strategy and plan.

Technology as an enabler to business operations has the ability to be nimble, simplistic and cost effective, now more than ever. At a high-level, you as a business or IT leader can positively and proactively affect a technology implementation opportunity by staging the right activity up front.

Back to the lead-in around People, Process and Technology … Staging and collaborating on the business capability requirements and tool selection criteria further upstream will indeed help to formulate an effective implementation plan, and address the People and Process elements that INFORM the Technology:

  1. People: Do we have the structure to support new business channels that these new capabilities will be enabling? Have we considered a level of change management and training that will be key inputs into an investment and benefits model?
  2. Process: What types of business simplification opportunities currently exist? What has been holding us back or what have we been working around? Where is there room for optimization that will help inform new tools that will compliment that change?


These are the proactive questions a business and their supporting IT organization should be collaborating on well before a RFP goes out, or a platform is named. This is where both the business and IT collectively succeed.