Infinite Green was founded in 2009 based on the simple concept that companies, small or large, at some point will have recurring challenges around defining, refining, or executing great customer experiences.
Infinite Green believes that all customers should expect excellent service, regardless of how they choose to interact.
Our mission is to provide companies with innovation when needed, solutions with existing or new technology, and the horsepower to create culture and purpose throughout any organization.
Infinite Green is changing the customer experience landscape by partnering with clients who want to be more to their customers, and in return, to be recognized for their efforts. Where are you on this journey?
Infinite Green’s “Big 3” brought to every engagement:

Design with your customer at the core

  • Take the time to understand your business
  • Listen to your customers and take action
  • The customer experience matches the brand promise

Create unique and effective solutions that drive business and experience value

  • No “cookie cutter” solutions
  • Agility and flexibility are critical success factors
  • Investment recommendations are right sized into your financial models, budget, and goals

Teach and transfer knowledge throughout the partnership

  • Create content that is easy to consume and learn from
  • Collaborative design is critical to success
  • “Hands on” training / talent development

Improved interactions


Client value created


Global contact center interactions in 2014


Customer journey maps created


Cloud solutions implemented


Company miles traveled


Average return on investment realized per project


Reports and models designed