OUR MISSION – We enable your business through creative data and reporting solutions to accurately represent customer experiences, insights, and interactions with your brand.
WHO WE SERVE – We serve clients who have many disparate sources of information, competing levels of fact, and their need to create compelling stories from that data.

Assess & Document

During an Infinite Green Data Services’ assessment, we will uncover, demystify, and document your company’s data assets and management practices.  At the end of this phase, you will have a complete understanding of the strengths and opportunities of your company’s data strategy.


Our Assessment Framework


Data Movement Analysis – from source system to your final report, we will de-construct your processes moving your data from point A to point B. 

Databases – we deep dive into your infrastructure, architecture, and responsiveness of your database technology as core components of our assessment.  Cost, resource availability, redundancy, and audiences also will be analyzed.

Reporting – our assessment will examine and grade your development resources, data management practices, current tool sets, and the accuracy of the reports being used.

  • What applications have you purchased to manage and structure your data?
    • Data discovery tools vs. static reports
    • Secondary platforms (mobile, 3rd Party, Client, etc.)
    • Database, NoSQL, data movement tools
  • Do you have a Customer Database?
    • Definition of the inputs
    • Definition of the outputs
  • How accurate is your data?
    • Perception
    • Reality

We will define your current business goals and assess whether technology exists to fully drive business performance and achievement toward meeting those goals.

What are your business goals?

How is data used at your company?

What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to gauge the business goals?

  • What metrics tie directly to your KPIs?
  • What is the breadth depth of available metrics?

We are going to break down and define your data processes into consumable stages and sequences. We will then aggregate these processes into an Executive Summary, with a recommended path.

  • Who owns the applications?
  • What data is contained in the applications?
  • Are there Operational Data Stores (ODS)?
  • Who is responsible for the data within the applications?
  • How does information move throughout the organization?
    • Collaboratively
    • By Department (IT vs. Business)
    • Formal teach-outs (i.e. only on a ‘need to know’ basis)

Strategic Roadmap

We will create a multi-year Data Roadmap for your company (or validate your existing path), enabling long term stability and simplicity for your Customer and Business Operations.


Our mission is to position and realize your Customer Data Operations as a competitive advantage for your company.



  • Executive Vision
  • Technical Specifications
  • Sourcing and Financial Needs
  • Organizational Design Plan for Information Management
  • Ongoing Assessment and Benefits


We have deep experience and can work with you to develop a comprehensive data architecture for your organization.  To ensure the architecture is future-proof, we develop Data Architecture standards that inform (or sometimes drive) your Enterprise Architecture standards.


We work with your company to ensure simplicity and elegance in your design for long term sustainability and success.

Automation, Storage, & Cloud

DATA MOVEMENT – Our team will streamline and automate your data movement using your infrastructure and tools, or will recommend other tools on the marketplace that may work better for your company.  This includes but is not limited to the following data transfer methods:

  • EL (Extract and Load)
  • ELT (Extract, Load, and Transform)
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)


STORAGE – We have the expertise to create or help enhance your company’s data model and data warehouse.  We have cross-functional Retail, CRM, Healthcare, and Financial industry experience using Teradata, MS Sql Server, and Oracle databases.


CLOUD – If your company is ready to take full advantage of cloud capabilities, we are able to help provide the horsepower behind the move.  We have experience creating, managing, and using database technologies on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms.

Visualizations & Reports

We have resources on our team ready to build end to end solutions for your reporting needs.  Whether your company has purchased robust BI software, or is leveraging the MS Office suite, our team of resources can provide reports using your software.  We will bring incremental automation to the process, while consulting your team on what a good vision looks like for your company.


Our team is able to efficiently handle any BI or visualization software that your company has purchased.  We have expert experience designing and automating Business Objects (reports and universes), Microstrategy, Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS), anything leveraging the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as Tableau, Birst, Actuate, or SAP (formerly known as Crystal Reports.)