Chief Inspirer

As Chief Inspirer, I believe giving people the right tools for success, delivered through the right channels, when they need them is imperative.  At its core learning and development must be designed to provide people with relevant and active experiences. Learner-centered design moves the focus from traditional training methodology to individual learning opportunities, integrating with both short and long-term business goals.

At Infinite Green, I design and guide creation of engaging learning programs that help our clients create fresh experiences and deepen employee engagement. With a wide range of practice in training, facilitation, learning systems and employee development I delight in teaming up with our clients to bring energy and fresh ideas into their organizations.

In my free time I take great pleasure in taking furniture, that has been deemed past its prime or garbage, and giving it a new lease on life. Taking something and having the imagination to see the possibilities of what it can be is a true joy. In addition, I’ll jump in to help with any party planning that’s happening around me. From invites, to decorations, to food to unique experiences, I enjoy it all.

I love companies that are looking at learning and development with an updated lens. The “Googler to Googler,” program at Google, which places employees from across departments into teaching roles is a notable example. This program uses the strongest asset of the organization, its people, to enhance learning across the entire organization.

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