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Scott Carlson

Chief Innovator

Here at Infinite Green, we are a diverse team with diverse interests and we live customer experiences everyday across all industries and the globe. Customer experience is in our blood and we love talking about it and analyzing it. From a food truck lunch to a health care service, from a trip on a plane to an install of a home appliance, or the simple task of getting the oil changed or a trip through a retail store, we scrutinize and solution as if we own the experience from end to end.

We bring our personal and professional experience and passion to our clients everyday. This diversity in skills and thoughts is what creates differentiated solutions.

We are a mature and highly adaptable team that is passionate about working with real people on real problems and solutions.

What does Chief anything mean? We embrace the unique skills and value of all of our team members. Each title is personally selected to represent our individual style and strengths.  We add “chief” to each title to honor the value and contributions of each person as well as represent that we all have decision rights and are not afraid of thought leadership at all levels of an organization.

We are passionate about building relationships and actively support networking opportunities, we have had the opportunity to work with many intelligent and interesting people. We like to share our space in Minneapolis with friends and colleagues and have hosted several events.

If you are in town, stop by and check it out.

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